Take Control of your tech

Discover how Tritech can make life easier.

Working Smarter

Tritech tailors solutions to your technology needs. Maximize your results without unnecessary and costly extras.


Making It Happen

From setting up a 50-seat business network to  navigating your home computer – whatever your goals, Tritech can help you meet them.


Elevate Your Business

From consultation and repair to website, server, and network maintenance, Tritech keeps your business running smoothly.


Here When You Need Us

Tritech has been a part of the community for 10 years and many of our very first customers continue to rely on us today.


What good is an expensive service package if it’s not what you need?

Many computer repair and networking firms get rich offering one-size-fits-all packages and tacking on extras you don’t need. They get their money, but you may not get the results you were hoping for.

At Tritech, we know that every business needs something a little different from the business next door. Contact us today to discover the value that our personalized technology services can bring to your business.

Big office or small office? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

For your 50-person office or your one-person computer room at home, Tritech can set up and maintain your network, provide user education services, help you with your website and graphics needs, and the list goes on.

When something in your office goes wrong and you need help fast, Tritech support is always a phone call or email away. Call today and learn how we can help your business “when the lights go out.”

All the services you’ll ever need

Networking and server maintenance is important, but it’s only part of the puzzle. In addition to providing valuable consultation and repair services, Tritech can help you with building and managing websites, email, logos, coordinating graphics, and publications such as tri-fold brochures. We even offer photography and video production services.

10 Years of Happy Clients

In a world of “here today, gone tomorrow” technology businesses, Tritech Computer Solutions stands out. We are a pillar of our local community, serving many thousands of people over the past 10 years. We are very proud to still have several clients today who started their relationship with us 10 years ago and trust Tritech exclusively.

Why do our clients remain so loyal? Call us today and find out!

“I want to give a shout out to Tritech Computers. Last Thursday afternoon, I called with an urgent software problem on a tight deadline. They spent an hour troubleshooting everything with me so that I could finish my deadline with no problems.  Plus they were fun to work with, even for a non-geek like me.”

RADIO Journalist

“Tritech came out and fixed multiple computer systems for us. We hadn’t called anyone in over a year and things had gotten very glitchy. They were fast–out the next day, had to take one computer to the shop, had it back the next day. The prices were very fair. We recommend them highly.”


“I highly recommend Tritech Computers. They really know their stuff. Plus, they are personable and reasonable, and have quick turnaround times. I have relied on them for more than two years and am very pleased with their work and how they care for their customers.”

Medical Editor

“I received a recommendation for Tritech and called them to see if they could help. Within a week and a half they had made three site visits, made their equipment and software recommendations, helped to order it and networked it all together. I am so happy with their work. They also kept to my budget.”


“My computers went plum crazy last week. Thanks to two recommendations from two trusted sources I called up Tritech. They came out the next day, ran diagnostics on everything, gave my laptop one heck of a cleaning and got everything back to running right. Top notch service. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”


“Our laptop and desktop had problems. I spent hours trying unsuccessfully to repair them. Based on very favorable recommendations for Tritech, I called them out. They fixed the laptop and telephoned the next day to inform me that the desktop was repaired. Cost was reasonable and both PCs work great. I highly recommend Tritech.”








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We are generally available 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays, with appointments for other times available on request. Though not required, it’s a good idea to call ahead to check availability before visiting.

Our office is currently located at 606 East Third Street, Siler City, NC  27344. Click that link for maps and directions. We’re available for appointments by request almost anytime, including evenings and weekends.