You are running an old version of Internet Explorer. You should Update Internet Exporer, or replace it with Firefox or Chrome. Curious why? Read more...

Why shouldn't I use an old version of Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer has been the most popular Web browser for over a decade, and continues to be one of the most used browsers today. Unfortunately, it wasn't until recently that Microsoft began putting serious effort into fully supporting Web standards with Internet Explorer. Our site doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer 8 or older because of this.

They don't show sites correctly

Old versions are known to mess up websites that are written to follow Web standards. Some versions don't display images with transparency correctly. Some versions don't scale images correctly or put navigation menus together correctly. In fact, all three of these problems occured when we tested our site against old versions of Internet Explorer. Moving to a more modern browser means you will see websites as the designers intended them to look.

They're insecure and dangerous to use

Internet Explorer is also a major favorite target for people who write viruses, spyware, malware, and other nasties. Users of IE are the first to be hit by every new plague of infected websites, and most users don't ever upgrade or switch to a better browser. If you continue to use an outdated browser, you're practically begging to get infected with a nasty piece of computer code you don't want.

Use the links in the warning box above to either update IE or switch to a different browser. If you need assistance with the process or have more questions, call us and we can help.