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Office Hours And Information

133 East Raleigh Street
Siler City, NC 27344

Across the street from the post office and PNC Bank in downtown Siler City.

Phone: (919) 200-6003

Tritech is open 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and closed over the weekend. You may request an appointment on weekends or before/after our normal hours by contacting us. If you require emergency assistance outside of these hours, E-mail us or call (919) 200-6003 and leave a voice message. Voicemail is automatically transcribed and emailed to the entire staff, and you will be contacted by whoever is in the best position to assist you.

Email and Online Requests

For the fastest service, be sure to send all requests to tritech@nctritech.com, which is monitored and answered by all on-duty Tritech staff.

Thanking Us for a Job Well Done

If you are so happy with our services that you'd like to take a couple of minutes to tell others about your experience, here are the things you can do to help us grow the most.

If you've got the time to write a testimonial (two short paragraphs is plenty) we'd certainly appreciate it. You can always email it to us for posting in our shop or on our website, and we can censor parts of your name if you wish. One of the best ways to help us locally is to join (required) and then submit your testimonial to the Chatham County Chatlist. (You can always unsubscribe from the list after it posts if you don't like it, but they won't accept submissions if you're not subscribed.) The Chatlist is the best way to easily boost our reputation in our area.